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Missing the ASP.NET Web Template option in Visual Studio 2022

Missing the ASP.NET Web Template

In this article we will learn about how to fix Missing the ASP.NET Web Template option in Visual Studio 2022. If you installed VS 2022 you can find ASP.Net Web Template missing by default and you unable to do create ASP.Net and ASP.Net MVC Project. Using below fix we can get the solution. Please read my all blog post in this link.

You can see on below image, we search the template as ASP.NET Web and you can’t see the .Net framework is missing.

ASP.NET Web Template

How to Fix ASP.NET Web Template

Following below steps you can resolve it quickly.


Open Visual Studio Installer and click on Modify link

Visual studio installer

And it will open below window, click on Individual Components Tab


Tick the checkbox .NET Framework project and item templates, once you check it will downloads the package and you will be good to go to use .NET templates project.

.NET Framework project and item templates

Now you can search the ASP.NET project, you can see the ASP.Net template like below,

ASP.NET Web Application(.NET Framework)

After click on Next button, You can see all the .NET frameworks template.

ASP.NET templates

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